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Metropolis Ensemble's Brownstone

Monday, May 16, 2016
7 pm
Advance Ticket: $80
Special Two-Ticket Deal: $140
Ticket at Door: $100
American Irish Historical Society
991 Fifth Avenue NYC


On Monday, May 16, 2016 at 7pm, (Grammy-nominated) Metropolis Ensemble will invite an intimate number of guests to enjoy Brownstone, an experiential treasure-hunt of sound, taste, and color inside a five-story Beaux Arts limestone at 991 Fifth Avenue. Steps from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, visitors will be transported into a jewel-lit, multi-sensory exploration of interlinked “sound bites” co-curated by Brazilian-born composer and electronic artist Ricardo Romaneiro, and food prodigy Jonah Reider of Columbia University dorm pop-up Pith. The event is part of Metropolis’ expansive Resident Artist Series, presented in collaboration with Ricardo Romaneiro.

Ricardo Romaneiro: Coarse Air (2015*)
with soprano Ariadne Greif

A dramatic work (commissioned by Metropolis Ensemble) for soprano Ariadne Greif backed by chamber ensemble, solo percussion, and electronics coupled with interactive visuals and projection mapping. The work is based on texts from poet Chris Cahill and builds on the instrumentations found in Brownstone and Memory Palace.

Jakub Ciupinski: Brownstone (2010*)

Musicians will be scattered in solo and chamber music groupings throughout three floors while audience members freely wander and explore. An electronic soundscape will fill halls and stairways, creating a rhythmic and colorful sonic tapestry that blends with the various instruments differently depending on your location. For 10 musicians and electronics.

Chris Cerrone: Memory Palace (2012)
with Ian Rosenbaum, solo percussion

The title refers to an ancient technique of memorization that helped orators remember very long speeches by placing mental signposts in an imaginary location and 'walking' through it. Here, composer Chris Cerrone tasks the solo percussionist to construct each room's 'instrument' based a simple set of instructions. Electronic sounds are triggered and sampled live.

* Metropolis Ensemble commission