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Resonant Bodies Livestream Show & Tell



An eight-hour mini-fest for our global vocal music community! 

From 10am to 6pm on Tuesday, November 27th, ResBods vocalists will share short performances with a bit of show-and-tell where they demonstrate vocal techniques, discuss improvisation methods, explain the inner workings of live electronics, talk about the personal stories behind their music—it's a free and intimate concert that you can tune into on your phone or laptop.

To watch, click on or join the Facebook event (linked above and below in the buttons). Live videos will be airing there every thirty minutes throughout the day. Videos will also be stored on the Facebook event for up to a year after the event is finished.



All times in EST (New York City, NY, USA)

10:00 AM Jessica Aszodi

10:30 AM Nathalie Joachim

11:00 AM Tony Arnold

11:15 AM Joan La Barbara

11:30 AM Kamala Sankaram

12:00 PM Erin Gee

12:30 PM Paul Pinto

1:00 PM Jen Shyu

1:30 PM Jeff Gavett

2:00 PM Theo Bleckmann

2:30 PM Raquel Acevedo Klein

3:00 PM Lucy Shelton

3:30 PM Kate Soper

4:00 PM HIllary LaBonte & Jocelyn Zelasko

4:30 PM Pamela Z

5:00 PM Roopa Mahadevan & Joshuah Campbell

5:30 PM Ted Hearne

6:00 PM Ariadne Greif