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Guest appearance at The Bach Store

Popping up on the corner of 56th and Broadway for the entire month of November, acclaimed musician Evan Shinners will be opening “Pop-Up Bach,” New York’s most accessible, and most innovative tribute to the music of J.S. Bach.

In 5,000 square feet of white boxed space, Shinners (a.k.a. ‘WTF Bach’) will install himself in public view, and practice Bach between the hours of noon and 5:30 p.m., for 30 days. During the month, Shinners plans on reciting the majority of Bach’s keyboard music in daily concerts. Shinners, a Yamaha Artist, will be performing on the company’s acclaimed Disklavier CFX concert grand piano (DCFX), the most technologically-advanced piano in the world, and the flagship instrument in the expansive line of award-winning Yamaha reproducing pianos. It is capable of recording an actual performance, and then playing it back note-for-note, with exacting precision and with all the sensitivity and nuance intended by the artist.

Overnight, the Disklavier will continue to entertain the general public, the instrument’s keys and pedals moving up and down to meticulously recreate Shinners' Bach cantata arrangements, which he recorded earlier. The space will also be home to Shinners’ record-releases, featuring Bach’s music heard in a variety of genres, and will see an impressive, diverse list of guest artists. The pop-up event, which is $10 for admission, will be streamed throughout the month of November and can be experienced at