NYTimes article about 2nd Viennese School with the International Street Cannibals

Music history doesn’t have many neat watershed moments, but a pivotal work in the career of Schoenberg — and the development of Western music — was his String Quartet No. 2 (Op. 10), written when he was shaken by personal trauma. The enterprising new-music ensemble International Street Cannibals takes this quartet as fodder for an evening that explores the currents of influence that seem to intersect in this work.

Under the title “Air Schoenberg: Connecting Flights,” the concert, on Wednesday, March 22, includes music by Brahms, Zemlinsky, Korngold and Berg. Among the performers are the brilliant pianist Conor Hanick and the soprano Ariadne Greif, an artist known for her fearless performances of raw emotionality. Together they traverse art songs spanning Schubert and Schnittke. (St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery; streetcannibals.com.)

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Brownstone with Metropolis Ensemble

An awesome immersive concert with Metropolis Ensemble. Ariadne sings a new piece by Ricardo Romaneiro!

What would a house sound like if it could sing?

"Brownstone" is a site-specific, 360 degree concert like no other, featuring three electro-acoustic works where audience members leave their chairs behind to choose their own unique experience of each piece.

Each work involves musicians and electronic elements placed throughout the architecture of a gloriously restored, turn-of-the-century mansion facing the Metropolitan Museum, unified by each composer's exploration of electro-acoustic composition coupled with experiments in audience perspective, control, and acoustic/architectural space. There will be no gaps between pieces, creating a magical "concert-installation."

Musicians will be scattered throughout all floors while audience members freely wander and explore. An electronic soundscape will fill halls and stairways, creating a rhythmic and colorful sonic tapestry that blends with the various instruments differently depending on your location. For 10 musicians and electronics.

The title refers to an ancient technique of memorization that helped orators remember very long speeches by placing mental signposts in an imaginary location and 'walking' through it. Here, composer Chris Cerrone tasks the solo percussionist (Ian Rosenbaum) to construct each room's 'instrument' based a simple set of instructions. Electronic sounds are triggered and sampled live.

A new work for soprano Ariadne Greif backed by chamber ensemble, solo percussion, and electronics in quadrophonic sound, based on texts from poet Chris Cahill and building on the instrumentations found in Brownstone and Memory Palace.


Friday, January 23 (9pm)
Tickets: $50 (includes wine and post-concert reception with champagne service, dessert, and live music by Noision and Leo Leite) 

Monday, January 26 (8pm)
Tickets (includes wine reception)
General: $30
Metropolis Members: $20
Students: $15 

Limited seating! Reserve your ticket today!