A workshop performance of an expanded DREAMS & NIGHTMARES at the FERUS Festival 2015, with Caroline Park, Audio Mastermind.

DREAMS & NIGHTMARES is Ariadne's pet commissioning project--a nap's worth of miniature staged musical dream episodes, each conceived, composed, and curated by a different composer. 

Composers for this project include Albert Behar, Ryan Chase, Elliot Cole, Erol Gurol, Shawn Jaeger, John King, Caroline Park, and Aleksandra Vrebalov. 

Launched in May 2014, VisionIntoArt’s annual FERUS Festival comes to Pioneer Works! Ferus Festival is VIA’s designated incubation period that highlights new projects in a workshop performance setting. Highlighting some of the most exciting creators of music and theatre, the 2015 FERUS Festival is a two day extravaganza of new music, theatre, sound and visual worlds. 

Tickets are $15 each, or $30 for a three-concert Festival Pass. 


If you want to help commission a new dream, this is where to do it! The first seven dreams were successfully crowd funded, and the project is finite--it will eventually expand to 21 dreams and then the commissioning will be done! Every $100 supports a minute of music, and no donation is too small!